Category Artistic

Green sketch.

AI Arch Design Green sketch.
A modern residential tower constructed from timber and steel with planted balconies with greens growing across steel mesh facade.

Sketchy Stadium

AI Arch Design Sketchy Stadium
An imaginary sketch for a Stadium by Renzo piano, inspired by advanced ships and yacht technology

Science building

AI Arch Design Science building
An intricately detailed sketch unveils an architectural educational building, a cutting-edge science building. Bathed in cinematic lighting, this architectural gem seamlessly marries sustainable design with modern elegance.

Watery Strokes

AI Arch Design Watery Strokes
A captivating watercolor illustration of a timeless building, where the delicate strokes of color evoke a sense of nostalgia and architectural elegance, capturing the essence of a place frozen in artistry.

AI composition in watercolors

AI Arch Design AI composition in watercolors
Minimalist modern architectural style, characterized by clean lines, simplicity, and an uncluttered aesthetic. The design focuses on seamlessly blending the house with its natural surroundings, ensuring it harmonizes with the local landscape.

Blowup blend

AI Arch Design Blowup blend
Blowup facade appears as a moment of dynamic transformation, inflated like a colossal balloon. This visual illusion is achieved through the clever use of translucent materials that create an otherworldly effect.

Japanese poster

AI Arch Design Japanese poster
Inspiration from the minimalistic design principles often found in Japanese typography and graphic design. Minimalism Japanese design characterized by clean lines, ample white space, subtle color palettes, and a focus on essential elements.