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Desert Chroma: The Reddish Mirage

AI Arch Design Desert Chroma: The Reddish Mirage
Installation project set amidst the desert terrain. The arid desert serves as the canvas for the installation. The dominant theme is the reddish color palette that is meticulously chosen to resonate with the desert's fiery character.

Soap Bubble-Inspired Organic form

AI Arch Design Soap Bubble-Inspired Organic form
Structure appears as if it were plucked from a dream, glistening in the sunlight with an ethereal luminescence. Its form defies traditional geometric constraints, resembling a cluster of interconnected bubbles suspended in mid-air, frozen in time.

Blowup blend

AI Arch Design Blowup blend
Blowup facade appears as a moment of dynamic transformation, inflated like a colossal balloon. This visual illusion is achieved through the clever use of translucent materials that create an otherworldly effect.